Grey Matter

Jane Brockett first got me thinking about grey when I read her charming post which reminded us that there is beauty in even the most humble of hues.

Signal Hill, St John's, Newfoundland

And, of course, for those who have been paying attention over the last little while, you will have seen that I have had a shameless (and obviously quite public) attraction to a certain thrifted grey duvet cover that has been weaving it's way into ring-tailed possums, foolish fish, and even humble Scrabble bags. Yes, it's true, if only you could touch it (so soft and cuddly) and smell it (for some reason it smells wonderful - it has been freshly laundered so perhaps that helps) I'm sure you, too, would be smitten.

Lady Grey

See, you too could get lost in these nubbly folds.

Which is, perhaps, the problem here. You see, it's at least a queen-sized duvet cover, which translates into approximately 43 metres squared (give or take) of soft, grey loveliness. But what does one do with such a bounty? For some reason, I want to give it the best second life (or is that lives?) it deserves. It's been faithful. It's been true. It's warmed the body and comforted the soul of some lucky person on who knows how many New Brunswick winter nights. And now it's time to give it another chance to shine; to bring light to all who are graced with its presence. It's not ready for life to be over just yet.

Which is where you come in. You see, I need inspiration - craft inspiration - for what to transform her into (for her class and gentle reserve surely make her a "her", no?). Bits and pieces have already gone into the world as new items, but what to do with the rest? I have a few ideas (one of which includes making my complete wedding outfit from her) but would like to offer you the opportunity to submit your own (better) ideas. I am game, up for anything you might think of.

And so a competition is born...

Here's the deal. Leave your suggestions in the comments section between now and Sunday 27 April (you can enter as many times as you like). Then, I will randomly choose (with the aide of a trusty helper) one suggestion which will be declared The Lucky Winner.

And what do you win, you ask? Well, your own suggestion, of course, brought to life by me with much care, attention-to-detail and joy, and then duly sent to you, wherever you are. What a deal, I hear you cry!! You need do nothing other than use your wildest craft imagination and then potentially watch it come to life. (If there were small print in this competition, though, it would probably read that I reserve the right to artistically "interpret" your suggestion in any way that makes my life easier...)

Who's game? Everyone's a winner here :-)

In the meantime, I am going to dedicate this month (Sunday 20 April to Sunday May 18) to the beauty and poetry of the colour grey and the little joyful projects (of my own and your devising) that I can coax out of Lady Grey herself.


  1. Hi Furrybees, the photo of the bay reminds me very much of my home and the wonderful shades of grey I used to regularly see. I agree with you that grey is a terribly undervalued colour and just love your idea of a competition. As my tag indicates, I just love cats. Your photo of cats paws reminded me of a wonderful (and very fat) tabby I used to have called Woody. He was not the least frisky, albeit loveable. My suggestion is that you make a very fat and amiable stuffed grey tabby!

  2. I just love your site. Aren't those grey cats paws sweet!!!

    How about a cute little elephant? They are grey!

  3. about some reusable shopping bags? Not very inspiring in grey but practical at least!

  4. what about a set of wellies?

  5. von boysenberry24 April 2008 at 05:03

    A cover for my hot water bottle please.....

  6. von boysenberry27 April 2008 at 09:20

    A picnic rug!