Sky Grey

I must say, I'm particularly impressed that the moment I declare it Yay for Grey! Month on the furrybees blog, the weather (which had been all blue skies and glorious temperatures - sorely tempting the trees to begin to burst their buds) has decided to join in the fun. The skies have been every shade of grey all week. It's not every day you have such power over the elements, I've got to say. The down side of such, let's call them "near-divine", powers is that the light conditions for taking tantalising, work-in-progress, what-can-she-come-up-with-next?! photos of my latest project (with none other than Lady Grey herself) are less than optimal.

So, instead of my own work, how about someone else's? A little graze through Etsy shows me I am not alone in my penchant for the neutrals in the colour spectrum.

Tree Fall also displays great taste in colour schemes this week. She foreshadows a little chat I'm going to have with you next week about the combination of pink and grey and how, having been a teenager in the 80s, it haunts me still. Something to look forward to, I think.

Thanks to all who've commented and sent in suggestions for the competition. Plenty of creative food for thought. Keep 'em coming!

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