Bags O' Fun

Hands up if you've bought a new version of Scrabble lately. Well, you will have noticed, as I did, that the lovely racing green (I want to say "baggy green" but that would complicate matters with ideas of cricket hats) cloth bag that once housed the letter tiles, has now been replaced by - GASP! - a grey plastic bag.

In my never-ending quest to slow the decline of a humanity seduced by the cheap, the quick and the mass produced, I decided to perform my own act of craft rebellion. So, I made a replacement bag, complete with green-themed lining (an artistic nod to the original), to provide a soft place for our hands to fall as we reach for the letters that will spell our future Scrabble fates.

You will notice that I have continued to feel an inexplicable yet irresistible draw towards a grey flannelet duvet cover that I thrifted, very craftily, from the local Sally Anne's (or Salvos or Salvation Army store, depending on your country of origin). I find it calls to me when I'm devising new craft projects for my entertainment. However, I think you'll agree that it's a good choice and looks like it was destined for life in a Scrabble box.

Now, here's hoping it will give me an edge in the next game...

PS: I have taken enough photos to do a little "Scrabble Bag Tutorial" if anyone is interested. Let me know if you are and I'll post one up. They are dead easy and the whole thing must have taken 45 minutes tops - from devising the plan to completing it.


  1. von boysenberry20 April 2008 at 06:48

    It's delightful in every way. I would probably go for a faux fur lining for that extra sensory sensation as I retrieve my letters.....

  2. That is brilliant. If only I'd had such inspiration.

  3. Good grief - what an absolute disgrace - I'm totally with you, the only thing to do to was to make a civilised fabric replacement! The grey plastic bag is so ugly! :-)