Sharing Christmas VI

With a new love and life partner comes a new family. This was the first Christmas with a whole new set of kidlings to think about and make things for - a three-year-old and two four-and-a-half-year olds. Emboldened by my capacity to draft a pattern from my own brain (see moose below), I embarked on my most ambitious project yet - Petunia the Possum.

Isn't she sweet? She is, of course, a ring-tailed possum.

She is made out of a grey flannelet bedspread and a pink stripey cotton shirt that I thrifted from the local Salvos (Salvation Army store). As a result she was extra soft and cuddle-able. Like all possums she is nocturnal (and thus sleepy during the day) but her pink painted toenails hint at a wilder side come nightfall.


  1. She is is so cute! Lovely, cute!

  2. Ah! I've seen her walking across our powerline at night - and I bet it was her thumping across the roof early this morning, shrieking about her pink painted toenails.