chrissie: day seven

The first presents were wrapped and sent to Australia today.  There are more in the pipeline, but we will have to remorgage the house to send them. Canada Post obviously carts them o'er the seas in a golden chariot (which would, come to think of it, explain the delays).

As a result, Tiny "helped" with his first present wrapping.  (Having experienced his first present unwrapping [that he remembers] last month.)  It released a trickle of confusion from him which has seen me fielding questions all day: "Tiny* open presents?  Tiny has some presents?"  He was an interested participant, though, and I feel relieved to have escaped with only a minor crumpling of the wrapping paper and a mere 30cm or so of unuseable, twisted sticky tape.  And that was just from my bumbling.  Tiny was a model of decorum.

Which made for a nice break from what my OTL has just this night coined "turdlerhood"** rather than toddlerhood.  But that is for another post.  We are out of wine tonight.

We Christmas on, regardless of the challenges!

* You can substitute his real name here, for all those who know it.
** Please excuse the repeated use of such an unsightly word as "turd" on the blog.  Generally, I like to swear  and use base words in private, with only my nearest and dearest to look upon me with disapproval and a degree of tut-tutting.  However, sometimes, some words just work like no other.

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  1. I think turderhood is an excellent term. I may practice it myself. It is certainly more benign that most of the words that come out of my mouth at times.