chrissie: day thirteen

How did we get to Day Thirteen?! Lordy, as my mother would say.

Now, I don't want this to be seen as a habit.  Or a problem.  Or as a source of Christmas Concern.  However, instead of putting up the Christmas tree (which is leaning forlornly against the back fence, abandoned and alone at this festive time), we eased the pain of thinking up ever new and interesting ways of touting the talents of my OTL (for his billionth job application - which is most definitely Not a Christmas activity) by drinking.  Very, very good sherry, as luck would have it.  Just one small, festive glass.  Enough to take the edge off and remind us that it surely is a time to be merry* (even if our future is somewhat uncertain).

* Never fear, we don't turn exclusively to alcohol to remind us that it is time to be merry.  Sometimes we eat chocolate.  Rarely, we do both. But that is only for very dire circumstances.

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