chrissie: day five

I was one of those mothers today.  One of those mothers that carry their screaming, hitting, wailing, thrashing toddler across the (endless, wasteland that is the Canadian Tire) car park to plonk them unceremoniously into their car seat.  One of those mothers with a set look on her face - endurance, barely concealed annoyance, forbearance.  I've seen her before in shopping centres around the world, and today was my turn. 

Tiny has slowly been becoming two.  Not just in age, but in disposition.  There has been the odd tantrum, a clear increase in willfulness, some wiliness, a degree of shouting and carrying on when needs aren't met - immediately, that is.  We have done well, really, to weather the squalls as they've blown up.  However, today, with Christmas and all its pressing demands and needling uncertainties on my mind, I had nothing to give.  I just wanted straight-up cooperation; compliance, obedience, call it what you will.  Sure, I made a few attempts.  There was hide-and-seek amongst the clothing racks; there were precious minutes spent patting the dog mannequin and talking about woofing and other such engaging things.  But, just as I was called upon to investigate the Great! Big! Bapoom Cleaner! (in minute detail complete with sound effects), I just couldn't do it.  I couldn't do it.  I just wanted to find the key rings and get going to the swimming pool.  Is that too much to ask?

Well, you know the drill - floppiness, shouting, wild back arching, arm flailing which coincided with my head.  We were a Christmas spectacle to be sure, entertaining customers all the way from Housewares to Sports and Leisure.  And that was before we got to the car park.  Needless, to say, as the day struggled on, so did Mummy's humour. 

Luckily there are a few, surefire restoratives in this world.

red, red whi-i-i-i-ne

Maynard's Wine Gums wrested from a madman's foaming jaws

hot chocolate in a seasonally appropriate mug

Looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow.  Perhaps I'll bring out the bapoom cleaner and we can talk about its every merit over breakfast.

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  1. I do remember days like that. They are (excuse me) damned hard. I also remember putting one child to bed at night and, surprise, surprise, the same body got up the next morning, but the personality was completely changed. Overnight!
    Sometimes it felt like survival of the fittest..especially with my first born.