See.  I came back.  As promised.
Yep, that's the dog.  In her diaper.  Her name is Dot, Dot the dog.  She is wearing a diaper because she is in heat and dropping little droplets of blood everywhere.  Something I have never had to deal with before, I must say.  For now she is a foster dog for the London Humane Society but, as we gradually fall in love with her (and her capacity for endless patience with Tiny as he tries to hang off her lips), who knows where it will end.  There may well be a new member in our cast yet. 

In other news, it is now officially Christmas.  (Despite what you may have heard previously in the shops.)  According to my family's Christmas Lore (policed heavily by my mother), December 1st  is the first day of the Festive season and no Christmas jollity will be entered into until that date.

Thus the re-emergence of some homemade Christmas goodies.  A little clutch of Christmas trees for Tiny to discover and "reorganise".

We've been a bit preoccupied for Christmas carols tonight, but I can't go to bed without dancing with my OTL in the lounge room to just one of our favourites.  Merry and jolly to you all.

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