I made it!  No, not this little train set traffic sign, but all the way through November, posting every day.  I deserve some chocolate and a good cup of tea, I do believe.  Now, where is my OTL when I need him...

This has been hard work. It has also been fun, interesting, exciting and very rewarding but it has been hard work.  I made a commitment to myself at the beginning that I would always attempt a post that was worth reading (or tuning in to, at least).  It would have been very easy to write about our everyday lives at Chez Furrybees, but let's be honest, there would have been a fair bit of snoring on all sides of the globe if I'd done that.  So, each night I squeezed out whatever piece of creative energy I had left and waited to see what would come to the surface of my weary noggin.  Generally, I'm pretty happy with what the old girl churned out.

I learned a bit over the month, too.  I learned that there is an art to giving an account of your life.  One of the unexpected benefits of writing and photographing your everyday, is that it has encouraged me to see beauty and interest in places and spaces which may otherwise have passed me by.  This is something often commented on by others in the blogosphere, however it's been interesting to see how it manifests as I've been travelling along.

I've also learned that, no matter how long your day and how weary you are at the end of it, that it is always worth it to have made yourself construct something, to have contributed creatively to your little life in some small way.  This is a lovely lesson and one that I'm destined to forget and stumble upon again and again. C'est la vie.

In case you are among the few who worries I will Never Post Again, I am not going anywhere.  There are still writing promises to keep.  I have been composing drafts in my head on the topic of homecoming and so it's probably high time a final copy came out of there to make way for more festive, seasonal thoughts.  And then there's a dog to introduce and all manner of stories about Tiny and his obsession with the compost bin.  Stay tuned, people, the best is yet to come.

Tonight, though, I'll leave this momentous last blog post from a challenging but rewarding month with one last thought.  Dog diapers.  That's the kind of day I had.  It's a long story and I may tell it sometime but today I had to buy some cloth dog diapers and then watch a dog run madly up and down the hallway trying to scrape them off her bottom.  It was gold, I tell you.


  1. To Emma With Thanks

    Just a few lines from Down Under
    to say I think you are a wonder,
    no matter how tired
    you managed to feel inspired
    as onto the computer you’d log
    to complete your daily blog.

    Long after November
    we will fondly remember
    your witty, pithy musings on life
    as creative spirit, mother and wife.

    Thanks for so generously offering for shared reflection:
    the hard-won nuggets of personal introspection,
    the joyous photos of Tiny’s explorations,
    and the various culinary and crafty manifestations
    of your delight in texture, colour, shape, shade and light
    as your imagination took flight.

  2. Alison, that is the best thanks a blogger could get! What a wonderful poem. Thank you and thanks for all yoru support over the month.

  3. My pleasure!
    Loved the mini forest of textile Christmas trees in your festive blog.
    Wishing a wonderfully joyous Christmas season to you and yours.