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I had a "this moment" image all ready to go for last Friday.

In it I saw Christmas and loved the way winter was beginning to settle on Tiny's outdoor play, moving us away from time in the swing to time indoors.

What with one thing and another, Friday came and went with no blog post (there was a choir concert to perform in, after all), but on Saturday, after another light dusting, things looked even more picturesque and I was glad I waited.

I could just see my photo caption: Christmas has arrived, Canadian style.  

But weekends, and timely blog posts, always get away from us, no?

As does the weather, it would seem.

Tiny's little green cart is still there.  It's the higher mound of snow to the right of the swing.

And this is the dog, ploughing a track through so that she can do a wee.

I think we can safely say, Christmas has arrived, Canadian style.

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  1. Oh, my goodness..this is beautiful.
    Snow is magic to me.
    Your little one is even more beautiful and magic. Life is grand(tho. sometimes exhausting) with a little boy.
    I am so happy for you, for certain.
    Stay well, Happy Christmas, and it is so good to hear from you again.e.