trio of trios {3}


Fresh snow
falling free.
New snow
calling me.

Wooden sled,
steering rope.
Speedy sled,
steepest slope.

Cold hands,
wind bitten.
Warm hands,
spotted mittens.

(E.F. Bees, 2009)



This has been fun! Thanks for visiting and seeing my trio of trios this week. I've finally revealed them and can now stop writing poems that rhyme (however vaguely at times).

I'd love any feedback you may have - constructive criticisms and gushing adoration all welcome. Eventually, I would like to build a small business out of my handiwork, so let me know if you think I'm heading in the right direction here.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Love it, all three. I particularly like the stripes varied in direction, I'm into that sort of thing...great job!

  2. Thanks :-) I wondered if anyone would notice the stripes - I put a lot of thought into them, believe it or not!

  3. Hello,

    These are fantastic! Love your work.

    ~ Gabriela ~