tidying up

Thank you for the wonderful feedback on the trios that I have received over the last few days. What a pleasure having a blog can be.

While it was fun posting the trios with their accompanying poems as posts in themselves, I was conscious that I would have liked the opportunity to chat a bit about them as well. You know how it is, you work on things until they're Just So and then after the Big Reveal you want to bore, I mean illuminate, people with Every Single Detail about how they were done and why you made the choices you did. Hopefully I won't go quite that far but here are a few tidbits you might be interested in.

Firstly, the background material is Lady Grey herself. (Remember I had a love affair with a grey plaid flannelette duvet cover and wanted to share that love around a bit.) Some of you will be puzzled at the choice, but the combination of colour, texture and availability was a winner for me and so I didn't resist. If I decide to replicate them for sale (a long term dream I'll share with you at a later time), I might choose a slightly less humble material. I'll experiment and let you know.

Secondly, I used some great vintage buttons on the "snow" hoop and felt tickled pink doing so.

Thirdly, I backed each hoop with some vintage sheet material. They look so sweet and polished that way. I have a niggling feeling though that if you're a true embroidery artist then you should show the backs of your work with pride (as an indication of the sheer Talent and Neatness that you bring to your art). I can't be sure about this but until I'm slapped with an Infringement Notice by the Embroidery Police I'm just going to go ahead and finish them with some pretty sheeting on the back. Let it be said, though, I am prepared to show their naked back sides if needs be (ooh, err).

Fourthly, in case it's not clear, the hoops themselves are small ones. They are the 4 inch round wooden hoops that are ubiquitous in all the craft supplies shops.

Finally, I have put some more photos up on my flickr account if anyone just can't get enough and must see more, More, MORE! (Indeed, there will be a permanent link to this account on the lefthand side of the blog should you need to dip into my artistic/craftistic world at any time.)

Thanks again for stopping by and thanks to those who were keen enough to comment. You are all treasures.


  1. I just found you through the flickr embroidery group. I think your work is so charming. You are very talented. Continued success.


  2. Thanks! Keep tuned, there's more to come.