trio of trios {2}


Now, some clouds are silver lined,
which makes them blessings of a kind.
For they soothe the addled, sun-bleached mind
that too much sun has left behind.

They quench the eyes and cool the day,
and free your thoughts from swim and play
to wander in a thoughtful way
to all the things you're moved to say.

Alone, and far from shop and seller,
on one such day sat Annabella
whose mind, now freed, wrote her novella,
underneath her flowered umbrella.

Her heroine, with hair quite red,
and a love for puddles in which to tread,
was always listing in her head
her favourite things. And so she said:

"I love a pair of yellow wellies,
grey green eyes, furry bellies,
and clear glass bowls filled bright with jellies,
but most of all a pair of wellies."



  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is delicious! I'm fairly new to blogging and I've become quite the addicted blog reader as well....I've added you to the list! As far as a tutorial on rug hooking, frankly, a terrifying concept. Teaching is not my forte...