trio of trios {1}


The day was sunny,
the sea all twinkly
I longed to swim
and swim
and swim,
until I was -
well, truth be told -
quite wrinkly.

So from my boat I dived and swam,
and swam
and swam
'til the waves grew boisterous,
but I was a mermaid
brave and strong
and took no heed
of warning voices

which said, while in a boisterous sea
my swimsuit could float free from me,
and while I'd gasp, "Against my wishes!"
it would soon enough be worn by fishes.

The moral of a sunny day
with boisterous waves and stylish fish,
is to only swim
and swim
and swim
if your swimsuit fits
and doesn't swish
(around you).

Then you'll get your wrinkly wish.

(E.F. Bees, 2009)



  1. I've just read all of these bloggs and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your humour, the very 'real' way that you describe your feelings (e.g. "away-ness"), and the way that you can lift my heart because of your special, unique, Emmaroo-way of looking at the world and our experience of life.

    big, warm hug to you.
    Lisa x

  2. Emma, your blog is a treasure -- every entry generates a smile. Please keep up the great work, and live in hope: spring should start poking its nose through the snow later next month. :-)