rhyming slang

We're not much for Valentine's Day in these parts.

However, we are very much for dog fur. Oops, I mean lerve. L.O.V.E Leeeerrrve. (I think the random dog fur that peppers the place is competing for space with the lerve though.)

As evidence of The Lerve Propensity, we celebrated our second anniversary of meeting face to face yesterday. It's been two years since our first hug, our first kiss, our first nervous laughter in the middle of a busy international airport. Sigh.

Okay, okay - before you're sick onto your keyboard and vow never to return to such a soppy rubbish blog again, here's the little something I made in honour of the occasion (something I made for my One True Leeerrrve).

Please forgive the terrible photo (and the wicker laundry basket the hoop is propped on) - I'm yet to work out how to make anything that isn't super macro look good. Normally it's the other way around, no?

As is my wont in these matters, this is another applique (a la Emma's technique) with some random embroidery for joy's sake. I have to admit that I loved practising my running writing (circa grade three) to get these sweet words down. I don't write like that anymore, but I tell you, it's like riding a bicycle (a bit wobbly at first but we got there eventually).

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Valentine's Day or no.


  1. Did you realize that the anniversary of your paries marriage is 13 February. They have been married for 44 years

  2. Emma

    you are a wonder and a treasure; congratulations on your Lervaversary. Only 42 more years to catch us.

    I love your writing and poems. more please.

    I have finished my course; beautiful group of students from all over the world and only a week to teach them. Won't do it like this again.

    much love to you both