Ye Olde Furrybees Shoppe

Whilst avoiding doing the final touches on my wedding invitations today, I decided to bite the bullet and finally put my latest creations up on Etsy and thus out into the wide wide world of craft shoppers and craft shopping.

If you have been coveting Herb, Hesta or the April Fish, and have been too shy to ask for them outright, then head over to furrybees on Etsy and see what you think.

Just think, you might be the proud holder of the title First Person Ever to Buy a Furrybees Original. You'll be grateful when I'm unbelievably famous and asking the big bucks, let me tell you ;-)


  1. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations Furrybees!!
    Off to check out your Etsy shop!
    Oh I love the Six white Boomers!