Welcome to the world Oliver.

With Christmas over I had no choice but to focus on little Oliver's Welcome To The World present. Only five months late but, as I said to his mum last week, at least he can focus on it now!

Et voila! A crocheted kangaroo (courtesy of crochetroo) for a new Australian-Norwegian addition to the world.

(Note the scarf to help cope with the Norwegian winters.)

I also made Lisa a heat pack to help with said winter and the aches and pains of being a new mum. The heat pack is charcoal grey felt (recycled from a felted scarf from the Salvos) with a nice little pillow slip to go on the outside. She has instructions to stuff with grains, hand sew the hole and then heat and apply to her person at will.


  1. Your animals are so cute! I love your style - it makes me want to jump into stuffie-making. That is also a really beautiful rice bag (or whatever those things are called). I am convinced that you can never go wrong when you give one as a gift; everyone loves them. I'm sure that one as pretty as yours will be even more loved.

  2. Love the kangeroo and all the other stuffed thingys.
    and I have a whole lot of buckwheat sitting at home... maybe i shd look for great fabrics them. Nice blog too

  3. Hee, how fortutious that I come here from the Feeling Stitchy blog, only to find a kangaroo! (I'm in Melbourne, Australia).
    I'm in awe of anyone that can crochet a cute animal, it's eluded me so far! The kangaroo rocks!