Herb and Hesta

Herb and Hesta are herbivores. Like all caterpillars, they eagerly await the greenery indulgences of spring.

Hesta is a hippy - with plaited antennae

...and a crescent moon tail. (She secretly wishes she was called Moonbeam.)

Herb is just happy his antennae still have that windblown look after snowboarding all winter.

Available shortly from furrybees at www.etsy.com.

Edit: 1. If you click on any of the pictures you can see them in greater detail (they are big images though, so may take a while to download). 2. Herb and Hesta are made from felted, repurposed wool sweaters, cotton embroidery floss, polyester fibre fill and, in Herb's case, thick hemp string for his antennae (Hesta's are made from wool).

1 comment:

  1. They are absolutely adorable and so very soft and furrrry! I like Herb's happy-go-lucky smile - it goes with his snowboarding dude image. But why the pursed lips, Hesta?