Sharing Christmas VII

I'd had it in my mind when I was planning the life I'd lead in Canada that I would be in the luxurious position of being able to spend more time pursuing things I really enjoy. I'd read more, learn a language, travel, take the time to research things that took my fancy and, of course, make things. However, I felt quite blocked on all these fronts as I accustomed to my new world. Back in September 07 I knew I needed to make a Welcome To The World gift for my close friend Lisa's new baby, but despite having a defined project to aim for, inspiration was very low. Added to that, all of my tools and materials were safely packed in boxes back in Australia.

However, I soon discovered the world of craft blogs and, although I was dazzled by them for a few weeks, I began to pick up bits and pieces of ideas that took my fancy. One enormously ridiculous craze I came across early was the world of making creatures from socks - Stupid Sock Creatures is a well publicised version of this. Of course, if it's "enormously ridiculous" my interest is automatically piqued and so I bought the book and had a bit of a burl. I made one from the book (a photo of which may never grace these pages as it looks like a flying horse with stick legs that don't bend) which taught me the basic techniques. With a looming Christmas as a mind sharpener, I then let my imagination be swept up by a pair of old gold socks I found in a local thrift store and a pair of stripey, furry gloves I found at the Great Canadian Dollar store next door.

Make way for the Glock Monsters!

I'd like to introduce you to 'Armless 'Arry.

(Note his dashing cape [felted sweater] and three fearsome fangs [or free fearsome fangs, if you insist].)

And his close cousin...Gormless Gary.

Fangs obviously run in this family.

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