Sharing Christmas III

Lest you think that I was obediently constraining myself to one project at a time, carefully finishing each before moving on to the next, let me reassure you. True to my usual form, once the Christmas craft appetite was whet, I was quick to find new projects that seemed too delicious to pass by. This festive critter was inspired by Sweet Nellie whose work is quirky and beautiful. She has a wonderful sense of the gentle and the ridiculous, which, along with her attention to detail, attracted me immediately to her work. All that said, I chose one of her least quirky creatures to attempt - her festive meese. They are so classy that I couldn't but give it a burl.

I don't have a decent photo of the girl meese, unfortunately. But trust me, she's bewdiful with her soft pink nose and eyes.

I am proud of these as they are pretty much my first foray into crocheting something completely from my own skill base rather than from using a pattern. I just needed a bit of reminding about how to increase a circle and then just fudged it all from there. Very rewarding.

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