Sharing Christmas IV

And the Christmas craft party continues!

With a new sense of purpose in the world (making Christmas presents) I found myself springing out of bed, my mind filled with the tasks for the day ahead. On one particular morning, I heeded the gentle hint of an aunt, and made my cousin her first furrybees handmade gift.

When I showed this wee bunny to a friend she giggled at it being condemned to this facial expression for the rest of its life. I don't know, a kind of vacant cheerfulness might be rather pleasant. Irking to everyone you come across after a while, but pleasant.

I was particularly chuffed with her tail. While I may have contributed to the considerable diaspora of wee bunnies made possible by the whimsical Wee Wonderfuls' pattern, I made use of the steep learning curve that is the world of craft blogs and used my new found knowledge of felting wool jumpers (or sweaters, as they say here - not that you do much sweating in them at minus 10) and used the ribbed sleeve cuff of a purple felted jumper. (Inspiration courtesy of Bitter Betty.)

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