Sharing Christmas II

Next cab off the rank were these serious chaps with a Christmas message for my mother.

After several years of crochet-extravaganza present giving to many members of my family, this is the first present I have made for my mother - as an adult, that is. Of course, there was the Easter card when I was about ten complete with the obligatory bunny on the front (except mine had a string of pearls and hairy underarms - as Easter bunnies are wont to have).

I remember growing up in our feminist household learning that the owl was a symbol of wisdom and strength used by the women's liberation movement. So when I saw these cuties via Moonstitches' blog, I knew immediately that I needed to make them for her.

I took a bit of artistic license with these - embroidering the letters and adding Christmas bells to a number of them. And then, of course, like my mother, there always has to be one rebel amongst the crowd...


  1. Love your embroidery!
    Cute rebel :)

  2. These are adorable! I love how you made them!

    Thanks for being part of The Great Comment Expedition on Feeling Stitchy!