I would understand if you thought I had abandoned you. At Christmastime no less. However, in my defense, it is an enormously busy time for almost everyone. And, to make things worse, it never seemed quite right to post a picture of my car in reindeer antlers while I was watching Australians reel from one terrible story to the next. Such a lot of heartache to sit with.

However, the season is rapidly drawing to a close and it seems wrong not to share a little more Christmas.

We first put these on in London last Christmas (you'll have to look closely for the antlers). A bit of Christmas whimsy. Something to bring a smile to the smallest amongst us. And we certainly weren't alone—in fact, I got the idea from the sheer number of other seasonally adorned cars on the road.

Turns out Thunder Bay didn't get that particular Christmas memo.

It was so odd to be the only one with any Christmas adornment that I went from feeling frivolous to freakish quite quickly. Unnerved, I asked Google, "Is it illegal to put a red nose and antlers on your car in Thunder Bay?" Google couldn't say, so I am persevering, doggedly, with my Christmas spirit. I'm just hoping that I'm ahead of the curve and we'll see an influx of Rudolphmobiles next year. Better that than being pulled over for breaching Thunder Bay by-law 004-2009, known by its common name of Bah Humbug to Car Adornments. That won't be very Christmassy.

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