Don't ask me why but I do believe that I am, right now, this minute, as I write, about to commit to participating in NaBloPoMo for another year.  This means that, despite the piles on piles of Things To Do that surround me in this chaotic house, despite the fact that there are very few toddler-free hours in each day in which to attend to said piles, and despite the fact that by this time in the night I am often Very Weary, I am still going to try and come up with something original, interesting and worth reading every day for the next thirty days.

Alrighty, Mr Bedighty (as I often say to Tiny in a motivating let's-get-your-shoes-on kind of a way), here goes.  I'm easing in gently for the first post. Most thankfully, Halloween precedes NaBloPoMo and provides plenty of easy fodder and photo opportunities for the hapless blogger.  A case in point.

Continuing in what has now become a hallowed tradition in our household, I once again wrestled Tiny into a handmade Halloween costume.  This time he went as Robin Hood.  Well, a pacifist Robin Hood.  Given that his father is a Social Justice and Peace Studies kind of a guy and his mother is a Radical Feminist there was some necessary massaging of the story to do away with the weaponry and to emphasise the Aiding of the Poor.

As any good mother would in the lead up to a big day, I explained at length about Halloween and the subtle though necessary changes to the Robin Hood legend.  At his clear "Ya." I knew we were on the same page, but I was most reassured when randomly, in the middle of other, more complex, toddler thoughts, he would cry, "Wobin Hoooooood. WObin HOOOOooooood!!!"  I just knew we were of one mind, him and I.

Of course, it all fell into place on the night.  It was obvious that he had internalised my hectoring gentle guiding voice, and proved very adept at taking from the (chocolate) rich.  He also proved very adept at galloping - As Though On A Horse, people - up and down the costume-bedecked streets.  He was the pacifist Robin Hood.

Alas, when it came to the distribution of said riches, it would seem we still have some work to do.  It was very clear who would be the beneficiaries.

Toddler steps, as they say.

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  1. Brave and good Robin Hood. It looks as if he had a grand time.
    Good luck with the daily writings. I cannot imagine doing that, and I don't have a toddler to take care of.
    Are you ready for your winter? BRRRR!