It's so awkward when you've been away for six months.  How do you begin the conversation again?

Let me start by saying that I miss blogging.  I miss the kind of imagined conversations I have with my friends and family when I write about my life or at least the flotsam and jetsam of it that shows up here.  I also miss the way one blog post can distill a thought or a moment in the day and allow me the little luxury of clarity in an otherwise busy, murky life.  I often find myself writing draft posts in my head that I think would be great to share, however that inexorable tide of my everyday life keeps pushing and pulling me in every direction but towards my computer.  (Although I seem to find time to read other people's blogs almost daily.)

Yet, while this is all true, I've finally turned up today because I was reminded that this is the NaBloPoMo of the year.  In a moment of crazy I thought I'd Rise to the Challenge and commit myself to posting every day for the month of November.  How I think I'll carry this off, I don't know, given that everyday is just one big race from getting out of bed to getting back into it.  However, I think this will do me a lot of good.  There will always be excuses for why I can't write (do I need to remind you that I have an almost one year old?), but, for one month, and one month only, none of them will be accepted.  I will just have to rise, rise, rise to this challenge and share, share, share of the goings on at Chez Furrybees.

A few thoughts on content though.  While I will always aspire to being a famous textile artist who is known the land over for her artistic brilliance and adored for her witty and interesting blog posts, that is no longer the goal of this blog.  Cough.  The new goal is just to write about stuff, whether it is brilliantly creative or not.  Some days there will be textiles and some days there will not.  Hopefully, there won't be too many gratuious cute baby shots as a kind of desperate filler for other, more varied topics, but I'm not promising anything.

Let just see how this goes and I look forward to sharing November with you.

PS:  The top photo is me shaking the beans out of my little one at the Erin Fall Fair and the bottom photo is, you guessed it, a gratuitous cute baby shot.  So shoot me.


  1. so glad you'll be doing NaBloPoMo! I love photos where they are grabbing at the camera, it just captures their inquisitiveness so perfectly!

  2. More gratuitous cute baby shots please! I can NEVER get enough!