There are things to love about summer, and that is exactly what we have been doing - loving the things of summer.  You see, in the four years since I met my OTL, and Canada forever became part of my life story, we have only truly experienced one summer.  This one.  Two (Canadian) summers were spent back in Australia (giving us two winters in those years) and one was spent in a state of bewildered, dislocated/relocating, pregnant no-persons land while we sold up, packed, moved across the country and then spent quality daylight hours trying to find things in boxes.

So, this year, I have been soaking in summer and letting its wide, warm ways seep back into my bones.  I can't remember particularly loving summer. Ever. (I did come from steamy old tropical north Queensland, after all.) But unbenownst to me, I am as much formed by the hot sun, the close days and the cicada nights, as any tropical treat.  The things you learn in the great white north.

There's a lot to be said for open windows, light clothing, cool grass on hot feet, swims (or sthwimsth, as Tiny might say), salad and sweet fruit, hot dogs in cool rivers, naked beds.  We are free and though the work is still hard, the strong, clear light leavens somewhat.

Of course, it helps that we had an absolutely fabulous holiday with family, but though we are back to the everydayness of our everydays, there is still something left.  It can only be summer.

I feel an urgency to soak up every last bit of it.  To shore myself up for the seasons ahead.  I know better now how these northern seasons go, how they complement and contrast.  I know better now not to squander or wish away.  Time for a late night, juice-filled (locally grown) peach, I think.

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  1. Oh, happy summer Emma. That ice cream cone is nearly as big as that darling boy.
    If you haven't read it, check out Frederick by Leo Leonni. Your post immediately brought this beloved book to mind.
    best to you, e.