some good



Newfoundland is some good.

On to Ottawa tomorrow.  O Canada.


  1. Oh, look at those beautiful and loving faces.
    I am so behind in reading and appreciating your wonderful words.
    I say that Some Good is such a wonderful and loving post. All of these pictures make me happy...old ones who are so blessed to have a wee one, mother and father who are also blessed to have that little boy.
    Being an "Old One" myself, it is the best of the best to see such love and connection.
    Love to all of you, e.

  2. Some good, indeed. Great photos.
    Was the second one of Bonavista?
    Richard's face in the background, variously juxtaposed with older and younger, made me smile. Lovely to see such happiness.
    Well done. Both of you. : )

  3. Thanks, Catherine. The second one is at Tilting on Fogo Island. Bonavista can be next time :-)