I saw this sheep* on the weekend
and this sheep saw me. 
Little was exchanged between us**
and little changed in the world as we know it. 
But it did happen.
There is something in that.

* Speaking of sheep, there is something that happens in my brain every time I sing Tiny's new favourite song, Baa Baa Black Sheep.  It is akin to the pins and needles you get in your leg when you've been sitting on it for too long - a kind of numbness and tingling pain.  Nobody said that 35 years after you last stopped singing that song (because you were completely done with it and needed to move on), that you'd have to do it all over again.  With feeling.  Repeatedly.  And then some.

** This sheep had lambs.  That is why it is giving me a knowing, resigned look.  It obviously has to sing La, La Pink Person more than it ever really wanted to.


  1. Dear Emma,
    I love what you are sewing up for the adorable Tiny. He looks "smashing".
    I did sew for my boys when they were little. That was eons ago, sigh.
    Thank you for the kind comment concerning my injured husband. He is doing very well. All is mended, except some loss of flexibility and a numb thumb. (oooh, a rhyme)
    We are all fine. I am hoping for some sunshine tomorrow. Enough of this gray.
    Best to you and thanks again, e.

  2. I confess to a similar reaction to Itsy Bitsy Spider...

  3. That sheep definitely looks so over it. Excellent observations on the singing of children's songs