challenge 2

So.  This is as far as I got with my hour today.

These are the pants that will go with the pocket that was sewn onto the vest yesterday.

To be honest, it may not have been a full hour.  It may have taken me a little while to settle into the task after putting Tiny down for his afternoon nap.  Things take longer to set up when you have to tiptoe up and down the hallway, hoping each floorboard creak isn't followed shortly after by a quiet but definitely awake "Da."  However, after much cutting out, sticking together and pinning, we are set to go for tomorrow.  The pattern is this one and will hopefully give Tiny's little cloth-nappied bottom room to wriggle.

After bemoaning the state of boy's clothes yesterday, I was excited (and a little humbled) to see what others are making for this Kid's Clothing Week Challenge.  It seems there are plenty of others out there who want to dress their boys in a broader range of clothes and styles.  Take a peek at the Flickr pool, some of it is quite inspired.

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