For a long time now, my blog subtitle has read "See Emma Sew (and Stuff)."  As you all know, lately there's been a whole lot of "stuff" and not a lot of "sew."  Well hold on to your hats everyone, there's been a creation at Chez Furrybees!

This is officially the first item of clothing I have made for the Tiny one.  Oh, I've had dreams, and plenty of them.  I even have a little stash of fabric that fills the corner of my cutting table waiting for all manner of groovy, one-off, cool-kid clothing items to come to life.  However, this one just about made itself the other day while I was fiddling with some felted sweaters and I felt I couldn't ignore its simplicity and ease.

All winter (and even fall), I have wanted to make Tiny a vest.  Something classic that would have been at home on a portly gentleman of the 1950s (and so would therefore look completely adorable and not a little entertaining on a 15-month-old).  Like this one, perhaps.  However, all great patterns, it seems, require one to be a knitter (not me) and not a crocheter (me) and so it wasn't meant to be.

However, the beauty of felting old, thrifted sweaters, is that you get to do what you like with someone else's knitting (or some machine's knitting) in a tenth of the time with oodles of margin for making mistakes.  So I just cut and trimmed and shaped and sewed a few sides and buttons and - voila! - a little man's sweater.  I have been going back and forth between whether the unfinished edges are, well, edgy, or just unfinished and require a little something.  I'm going with cool and edgy at the moment but will update accordingly if I change my mind.

Tiny loves it, or the buttons, more precisely, and spent quite a lot of time pointing at them and then trying to put them in his mouth.  I think it's a hit, raw edges or no.

PS:  The model was given unfettered access to the buttons, knobs and levers on the Highly Coveted And Longed For (Daily) sewing machine so that the photo shoot could go smoothly.  No little fingers were harmed in the making of this blog post.

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  1. I concur, the raw edges on the vest get my vote for the "cool and edgy" award for February.
    The model does look very suave and sophisticated. Definitely very involved with the creative process. maybe a designer in the making?