See these, right.

Well - after a wakeful night, and  the dog escaping, and then Tiny learning a few new, highly inappropriate words from his mother, and then freezing myself and my little boy to the bone in the sub-Arctic windscape that is the dog park, and then listening to him shouty complain all around the shop for an hour, and then watching him spit out his nutritious and delicious lunch one mouthful at a time, and then banging my head on the upper cupboard corner, and then taking three toes out on the door frame - I made this.

To place my little tootsies on when I do these (47 times a day).

This may well be my first recorded effort at Rage Sewing (not Sewing Rage, which is a different affliction to be discussed on another occasion).


That feels better.

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  1. What a creative response to life's irritations and injuries. My response would have been to therapeutically hurl a few plates and listen with satisfaction to the shattering. Only downside of course is the clean up afterward. Your strategy is so much more environmentally friendly! I am sure your aching feet and legs will enjoy the pampering of softness underfoot when next you are doing 'dish pig' duty!