Merry Christmas everyone.

Well, it's here and nearly over (how did that happen?).  So that it doesn't pass unremarked on this blog, and so that you all can feel even a little of the warm, furry bee that is Christmas here, here are a few festive photos for your Christmas viewing pleasure.
 He stood in awe of the sparkly tree that had come in the night.

Before long, he'd taken his first bite.

Without a minute to spare, the cooking began in earnest late last night (Christmas Eve Eve) and continued this morning (after we'd thrown in the (tea)towel at midnight).

My OTL is fearless when it comes to gluten free pastry.  Having no cooking pretentions frees you up immensely, it seems.  He doesn't know this is supposed to be very hard.  They are cranberry and apple mince pies (and are delicious, if I do say so myself).  I feel a Christmas tradition beginning.

Undaunted, he went on to a gluten-free tourtiere which, in my haste to get us all on the road for our Chrissie holiday, forgot to photograph. 

And this was my first baking extravaganza off the rank. The gluten-free version of the Down Under Christmas Cake.  Bouyed by thinly veiled panic and can-do Christmas-miracles-do-happen spirit, I went from this straight into gluten and dairy-free Pumpkin Pie (which I also forgot to photograph).  True to form, none of these recipes have been tried and we are now travelling Ontario to force previously untested goods onto family.  Now that's Christmas spirit.

Best wishes to you all.  I had better rush before Santa catches me.

May the new year bring peace on earth.

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  1. FYI I am always available for taste testing duties on sweet christmas treats, gluten be damned!

    These look fabulous and I am sure were well received!