I thought you might all like to see the other side of his costume.

I took the plunge last weekend and entered the ranks of mothers all over the world who put their babies into homemade costumes and then take them out in public.  While Halloween is not an Australian tradition, public humiliation of your children is universal.

In case you are thinking, "What a cute mouse outfit!" he's actually meant to be a fearsome, northern Manitoban, human-eating polar bear.  I even tried to teach him to say "Rowr!" and curl his fingers like terrifying talons before the big day.  (He was more interested in practising his going-backwards-downstairs skills that week, though.  Which is not your average polar bear skill set, I do agree.)  Nevertheless, as my very first attempt at making a costume out of bibs and bobs and bits of thing, I'm pretty proud of my efforts.

Come on, they are hand sewn ears, people!

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  1. I think you did a fabulous job! Fred looked adorable!