Another blog challenge came to my attention during the week and I have been flirting (possibly disastrously) with it ever since.  It is Pillow Challenge Week.  A comical, quizzical, absurd title, you are right, but one with great potential.  Much to my acute disappointment, it is not a challenge to spend as much time as humanly possible with your head on one with your eyes closed, but it is a creative challenge to make pillows, as many as you can, all week.

This is attractive to me because I have a largish pile of fabric and an even larger pile of pillow forms in my workroom that have all been waiting extremely patiently to be introduced.  Waiting, you won't be surprised to know, for about a year.  (I've been otherwise pre-occupied, it would seem.)  The reason these piles exist is that I had the simple notion, once upon a time, that the path to true happiness comes in the form of soft cushioning that miraculously ties together the completely mismatched furniture that adorns my house.  For all I know, this is bang on as a theory but I have never had the chance to find out.  Until now.

Let's see what can be achieved.  If it is true happiness, you can be sure there will be a blog post about it.

PS: This is a travel pillow that I made last year for friend's little girl to travel from the US to Australia with. I love orange and so does she, I was delighted to find out.


  1. Love the pillow! You are very talented my dear! Miss you guys!

  2. What a great design Emma it wins my vote as the most functional pillow I have ever seen! Love the carry handle and the pocket, both eminently practical.. Good luck with the future transformation of the material "pile" into a house full of cushions.