I have had a poop of a day.

But this photo cheers me up.

This is Tiny about three months ago while we were in Australia.  He is playing ball with his furry cousin, Harry the Dog (courtesy of my brothers iPhone and its fancy apps).

Harry the Dog is single-handedly responsible for teaching Tiny how to roll a ball.  His patient, gentle, insistent, single-minded devotion to "training" Tiny paid off and by the end of our stay he was picking up the ball and rolling it to Harry. 

The things a dog will do to get someone, anyone - even if they're only nine months old - to play ball with them.

PS:  For baffled Canadian (and other) readers, "poop," in Australian lingo, means what you think but is pronounced a bit like the "oo" in "look."


  1. Love your writings - hope you are doing a book!!
    I've had a poop of a week, although when describing it to a friend I used that other great same meaning descriptor - a SHIT of a week!!!
    Perchance I am less couth than you...gorgeous photo..auntie marg x

  2. Great photo...and blog! It really is amazing how patient our furry little friends can be with our bundles of joy! We were worried about Pancho before Carter was born, being a hyper chihuahua and all, but he is so patient and gentle with him...they truly are best friends! So much so that Carter insists on sharing his meals with Pancho and he prefers a squeeky rubber ball to any toy you could give him!