Okay, surely you all knew that there had to be one post in the whole NaBloPoMo month where weariness, an empty camera memory card and complete brain blankness would coincide to manifest in the Post That Should Not Be a Post.  Well that glorious day is here, wonderful people.  I have nothing.  Not a skerrick, nay even a titch of original, interesting that's-just-so-Emma juiciness to offer you.

So, instead, I am going to cheat a tiny bit and refer you to some other people's entertaining tidbits that I have come across recently.

The first is one of the funniest things I have seen all week and makes me wonder why my own simple drawings can't be this effective.  Perhaps I should try.

This second one I stumbled upon on Friday.  It is a very badly done how-to video which enchanted me all the way to its surprise ending.  There is something extremely endearing about the woman who is doing it and she deserves an audience, despite of, or is it because of, its terribleness.  Give it a whirl if you've got time.

I promise I'll be better tomorrow. 


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  2. Loved the dog story, both for the tale and the clever drawings.
    The pom pom "how-to-make" video was very endearing, obviously a dedicated crafts woman, just needs a few tips on focal length.

    Here for your enjoyment is a "Down Under" take on the recent Royal engagement.

    Keep blogging, for a self-styled "blank" your post managed to still pack in a lot!