As the end of the week draws nigh, I thought it might be time to show you the outtakes of both Pottery Class No. 1 and Pottery Class No. 2. You have all been so gracious in your comments on all my potterings - great and small, serious and quirky - that I want to reward you with a little exhibition we might call Better Luck Next Time.

Look at them here, all shiny in the light. You can't help but have a soft spot for them.

As I was trying to capture their quirks, their misshapen sides, their hilariously hideous glazing mistakes, the camera kept doing a funny thing. It kept making them all look beautiful. (All except the soap dish in the front which requires the aid of squinted eyes, as well as a dishonest camera, to give it a leg up in the good-looking stakes.) So you'll just have to trust me that only their potting mother (and her ever supportive OTL) could love them.

I did manage to capture a few pottery sins up close; here are a few that go part way to telling the full story of my recent pottery excursions.

There's the Goopy Glaze Effect, which pools thickly at the bottom of a lopsided diamond shaped vase.

There are Cracks You Could Ride a Small Horse Through in another of my, now famous, "round box" creations. This time, a round box vase, would you believe. It will never hold water, or anything for that matter, as it just rolls off the table and onto the floor. Which is helpful in a vase, you've got to admit.

And, finally, there's the Oh-So-Straight lines of my jigsaw box (not a concave wall in sight).

Ah, the motley crew. Everyone's got to have one in their crafting life.

Unfortunately, I couldn't capture the glaze that looked like mucus pooling in doily-shaped puddles, nor the bowl with sides so variable in their thickness that you'd think I was going for a corrugated effect, however, you get the general idea. Pottery is a fickle beast and I feel lucky to have come away with as many things I am proud of as those that need to be admired in private and from the safety of the back of a cupboard.

Have a lovely weekend, all.

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