the gloves are on

As I have hinted previously, a series of small embroidery hoops have been occupying a little of the creative space in my mind for months now. I have been revealing them to you (sometimes a little poetically) as I complete them and have been keen to have the whole set of nine done for ages. However, they seem to be evolving in their own good time and while I am waiting for that last little burst of inspiration to fully complete them, I thought I'd introduce you to the latest of the bunch.

It took a little tweaking, though, before it could join its friends. This is what it used to look like:

However, when I presented it to my OLT for his opinion he exclaimed delightedly: "Ooh! A pair of boxing gloves!"

So I unpicked the lot, did a little redesign and returned with these winter mittens.

Cold hands,
wind bitten.
Warm hands,
spotted mittens.
Happy woman.
Poem written.


  1. Lovely mitts! Your poetry always brings a smile to my face!

  2. both are very cute, the boxing gloves :) as well as the winter mittens