whither the weather

We all know that weather, any facet of it - temperature, precipitation, forecasts, histories, averages, records - is a godsend at parties. Who hasn't helped a conversation over an awkward hump by shamelessly drawing on the weather to take all present onwards into common conversational territory? I have to admit, coming to Canada and meeting so many new people, sometimes I just launch straight in after "hello". I do it as a community service, mainly, as Canadians, as we know from last week, take a near nationalistic pride in the extremes that winter throws at them. Indeed, I'm tempted to say that weather stories are a core part of the construction of the Canadian identity.

Whether the weather in Canada influenced my creation of these, I can't say. Indeed, I can't remember exactly what my motivation was when I first began these in April/May. However, it seems I have begun some of my own weather stories, rendered in embroidered, appliqued circles.

Stay tuned. More weather this way comes.

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