I do believe you are now ready to be introduced to another creation from my Introduction to Clay course from last term. I am spacing them out in the hopes that a slow release will lead to thoughtful reflections and generous, considered responses (and not just nervous, barely stifled laughter).

This is a little bowl made using the hump method of hand building. While it sounds a bit risque it actually just involves using an upturned bowl (the hump) to press small round pieces of clay onto until your artistic intuition says "stop now". (My artistic intuition first told me to squish small coniferous leaves into the clay before I put them on the hump though, so she may be mad. Nevertheless I listened to her because slightly barmy artistic intuition is better than no artistic intuition at all.)

Anyway, here is my little squished leaf bowl for your viewing pleasure.

I think I need to change the name of this blog to Furrybees: See Emma Sew (and Stuff).

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  1. I'm grateful you did - mother-of-yours was telling telling me abt the blogging and I couldn't find it until an inspired moment made me try the bee-ness. Lovin' the blog. And, by the way, your wee leaf bowl...It's gorgeous...
    Cuzin Rebecca