Christmas Cops

My One True Love and I have a pitch for a reality TV show. It will be called something like Christmas Cops and it involves us driving around the suburbs of Canada (possibly in a black SUV - hybrid, of course) and finding people who still have their Christmas decorations up in February, March, April, May etc. Then, in a burst of drama, we knock on people's front door, identify the culprit, perform a Christmas Intervention (by, say, unplugging the reindeer on the front lawn, taking down the front door wreath, deflating the blow up snowman and throwing it all in their garage/basement/cupboard.) We may then take them to task for their slackness all the while freeing them and their homes to be whatever they want to be until mid-November when the whole sorry mess can be dragged out again. Granted it's just the beginning of an idea but I think it has promise. It's a little bit home improvement and a little bit self improvement. What's not to like?

Not that I'm against Christmas, let me be perfectly clear. I am a fan. However, there is a time and a place, indeed a season, for everything and I do believe that our plastic Santas need a decent rest between gigs. I blame my mother. She was always gung-ho in the first week of January to remove all traces of Christmas as a way of moving symbolically into a New Year. Now that I am living in the coldest province in one of the coldest countries in the world I am feeling a bit more lenient about Christmas lights at night post-Christmas. We need something to cheer ourselves up with when night continues to fall so early. However, even here there comes a time to unplug and pack away.

This was our Christmas "tree" this year. I wish I could take a better photo of it but it is essentially a collage of Christmas-themed fabric stretched within embroidery hoops and photo frames, peppered with be-glittered twig wreaths, a string of red sequins and some other Christmas treasures hung on the wall in the shape of a simple tree. All of it, save the fabric, I'm delighted to say, was thrifted. Where the idea came from I do not know, but as inspiration hit (so I'm not devoid of spontaneous inspiration after all) I just knew it was going to be this year's Christmas craft project (that I make my OTL participate in against his will). We were pretty chuffed with it, I've got to say.

I guess it's time to take it down before we're visited by the Christmas Cops.


  1. I love the Christmas cop idea, of course there is the other version where you pull up at people's houses and comment on their choices of decoration and lighting....

    Love the wall tree, btw!