Well, we made it.*

Oh sure, I could have blogged and told you all about it—the first impressions, the search for a place to live, the moving, the unpacking, the introducing, the adjusting, the navigating, the finding, the losing, the endlessness of making something ours out of something theirs. But we're probably better off just picking up three months later. Honestly. Just between the two of us, who needs all that rawness and vulnerability exposed? There would have been tears.

Suffice it to say that we've arrived, we've settled in a somewhat fashion, and we are doing well. We are pretty hardy, it turns out.

And now we have Christmas! And, more importantly, we have my desire to share our particular version of it with Everyone. Everyday. Traditions are important. (Although, looking back on previous years, I feel like I am way behind with starting Christmas with a bang on December 1st. I'll have to get cracking.)

For the record, this is what happens when you go outside in -23 [with a windchill of -30] and then come back inside and take a photo of the fairy lights with your frozen camera. The Christmas spirit hangs heavy in the air.

Anyway, as my father reminded me (borrowing from elsewhere), "Too much Christmas is barely enough."

So stay tuned.

* Thunder Bay hasn't looked like this since September. Thankfully. But you've got to admit that there's something, well, Superior about the lake it's on.

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