We are trying to get through the frozen peas. The Costco-sized packet of peas. All 45kg of them.

Part of Tiny's occasional photographic series "Mummy Picking Stuff Up Around the House."
This is 1/37.

There are probably other more important things to focus on, but under times of duress I tend to set abstract goals. It helps with the rising anxiety of not knowing which list is most important to start ticking off first.

Fridge wisdom. Advice to myself as a young mother.

For the Australian audience, all Costco packets of food, any food, are roughly 45kg and are designed to feed your family of 19 for three weeks.

Kong. Late afternoon.*

We are making steady progress.

(On the packing as well as the peas.)

* I never promised that the photos and the stories would be related in any way.

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