Questions that are easy to answer:

1. Can you find the one Christmas decoration that Tiny has put up so far?

Questions that are hard to answer:

1. What is a Christmas spirit?
2. Why does the head elf's hat stand pointedly up when the other elves' don't?

Nobody can prepare you for parenting, I tell you.


  1. No, no one can prepare you, that's certain. I do love Tiny's decorating sensibilities.
    (You do realize, don't you, that one day you will turn around and that Tiny will be bigger than his mama?)

    1. Yes, Ellen! That day will be sooner than any of us want.

  2. Q: What is a Christmas spirit?
    A: Brandy, Rum, Cointreau, Calvados, Gin,,,,,
    or child-friendly version,
    A: The joy of gathering old friends and family (both young and old) and sharing good times over scrumptious food.
    Christmas spirit is DEFINITELY NOT felt in supermarket queues, crowded freeways, or felt upon finding yourself amongst last-minute Department store shoppers devoid of inspiration for those last dificult gift recipients.

    Q: Why does the Head Elf's hat stand pointedly up when the other eves' hats don't?
    A: either a) He is the only one who remembered to apply the spray-on starch
    or b) He is he only one entitled to have a high hat as a sign of rank
    or c) So they can find him in a hurry amidst all those toys in the production and dispatch rooms.
    The answer depends on which union that particular Head Elf, in that particular Toy Factory, is a fully paid up member of.