We have fallen hopelessly in love with Tiny's school. It is an earnest, Waldorf affair and today was its annual Winter Fair. It was full of homemade food, craft gifts fashioned by handy parents, puppet shows put on by teachers, and the coolest bearded bluegrass band you ever did see. It was mayhem but such sweet, heartfelt mayhem.

Tiny learned quickly how to blow his "gnome" downriver towards the "stars".*

And then candle-dipped like a pro with Dad (who was one of three men, manfully staffing the candle-dipping room).

And, yes, those halls were decked. Not a feather plucked nor a bird roasted.

Everybody else knew that we would love Waldorf except for us. Why is it that we are always the last to be revealed to ourselves?

*The gnome was a cleverly fashioned piece of felt stuck into a half walnut shell "boat". The stars were a big batch of homemade star-shaped gingerbread cookies at the end. Once the kids spied the end goal, those walnut boats faced gale force winds.

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  1. tra la la la la, le lul la lah!!