I went to an exciting new exhibition today and wanted to share. It was small, but only in size. In sheer heart and creativity it was immeasurable.

The label on the exhibition explains it well:


We weren't allowed to take photos with a flash, but I think I still managed to capture the essence of some of these works.

It is the use of negative and positive space that really captures me. And the balance of images. And the play of colours. It's all good, really.

The write up in the SmogTown Sun summed it up nicely, I thought:

"This exhibition, masterfully and ironically housed in a domestic basement stairwell, reminds us of the common ground shared between parent and child. As the child blossoms outwards to create his first marks on paper, so too the parents blossom, and in rusty fits and starts, learn again to be children themselves." 

Viewings are by invitation only.

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