Happy birthday to my youngest brother and to the uncle that taught Tiny how to say "fake".*

From 10, 000 miles away, we send warm hugs. This is Tiny's very own creation--a paper princess with "hair".



*Actually, it was a different but similar-sounding word that, fortunately, Tiny misheard. Unfortunately, there was a lot of stifled snickering every time Tiny said "fake" which only reinforced it as something to say.**
** And, to be fair, it was my other brother who actually introduced the misheard word, only for it to be reinforced emphatically, shortly thereafter, by uncle number two.***
***We are very relieved to this day that Tiny still insists on saying "fake" and nothing else. There's a lot less to explain at daycare when your son's worst word is an accusation of dishonesty rather than a top shelf swear word.

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