We have been looking everywhere for spring.

If you look at any blog/twitter feed/news site from North America in the last month you will see the same thing repeated over and again: Where is spring? Why is winter dragging on and on and on and on? How are we to live under these conditions? Waaaaahhhh, etc. I'd like to say that we have risen above such lily-livered attitudes at Chez Furrybees, but that would be lying.

Sure, we've made the best of things.

We've even been to the "beach" in search of fresh air and sunshine. Which we found in some measure. (Australians, yes, that is water. It is frozen water. All of it.)

But mostly we've just had this.

With cheerful mornings, like this.

It has not been hard to work out what this dog is thinking.

Yet we've met the challenge with grace and dignity.*

Today, thanks surely to the Great and Beneficent Goddess Above, the sun actually shone into the house. 

Into. The. House. 

Corners were lit, window sills were warmed, and house plants were given fresh hope. 

Oh, happy day.

So we did the only sensible thing. We went walking with friends.

Now. Two guesses what this dog is thinking.

Happy Easter, everyone. It truly has been a Good Friday.

* For the puzzled, my OTL is wearing a plastic toy boat, Tiny is sporting two sides of a puzzle box as improvised goalie pads, and they are both playing "ice" hockey with the lid of a play-doh container and at least one wooden spoon.

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