Here is another in the occasional series, What Is That Dog Thinking?

Probably, "Will the indignities never cease?" I would hazard.

In other news:

Despite it being February, Ding, Dong, Merrily on High is still a hot favourite and good for all occasions. These bells herald not only the birth of Himself for Christmas Day it would seem, but also the beginning of singing for Tiny. Although we were once treated to a whispered medley of nursery rhymes one night on a long trip home in the car, he has truly found his singing stride with Ding Dong. Or, as he likes to say it,  Ding Dong Merry Knee on High.

(If you look closely you'll see he just has snow on his lip,
not two bucked teeth.)

Also, despite it being February, I find I have not made one single New Year's resolution. I haven't even let half of one form vaguely in my mind. This is unprecedented. I put it down to two things. First, last year's list. Second, the fact that I didn't achieve one thing on it. This year I'm just going to let the year unfold organically. I'm sure I will have achieved something by the end.

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