On any given day, Tiny asks us approximately 467, 243 questions. This might sound arduous until you learn that many of them are the same question, or variations on a theme. So, no, not arduous so much as  mind-numbing, unbelievable, laughable, challenging, incredible, weep-worthy, fantastic, boring-as-all-get-out. You get my point.

One question I never imagined would pop up, and one that is a strong favourite is, "What is that dog thinking?".

What is that dog thinking.

It's hard to even know where to begin.

Apparently there are many questions yet to come that will challenge our capacities to answer. What is thunder? Where do babies come from? Why did you stuff up the environment so badly? I believe this to be true. But, honestly.

What is that dog thinking?


  1. Probably about food, or why won't someone come & throw a ball or a stick around, or whether or not to have another nap, or...
    But seriously, what IS that dog thinking!!
    And WHY?!!

    1. Ha ha, Marg! But what if that dog is solving a complex mathematical equation?!

  2. A good strategy to both stop the repetitive questions, and to avoid answering questions that you have no answer to (or that you don't want to answer) is responding by "Well, what do you think?" For example with the dog question:
    Tiny: What is that dog thinking?
    You: I don't know, what do you think she's thinking?
    Also it might give you an awesome insight into that strange little mind.
    It worked fairly well on my kids and my mom in particular swears by that trick, apparently got even me to shut up from time to time :)

  3. I've tried that one, Franziska! He just says, "I don't know. What is that dog thinking?" My other favourite is, "Where is that car going?". I now just wildly make up any destination--the circus, the shops, outer Mongolia--at least we are both entertained :-)

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